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What’s New for May:

Sustainability Summer School

The Net Zero Action Accelerator wants to help you reach your sustainability goals so we’re launching a Sustainability Summer School series to get you there. 🍎 Each month will have a new solution deep dive, and we’re kicking it off with enhancing supplier engagement for climate action and building the business case for sustainability.

Our First Lesson: Supply chains are often 90% of a company’s carbon footprint – so digging deep into solutions here can have a major impact. This can look like: 

  1. 🗣 Communicating your sustainability goals with them to set expectations and incentivize them to reduce their emissions. 
  2. 🛠️ Building their capability and capacity to reduce emissions through providing tools, training and resources.
  3. 📋 Facilitating the reporting of their emissions progress by assisting with yearly disclosures and managing their performance data. 
  4. 🎯 Developing procurement strategies that align with your sustainability goals and embed targets for suppliers.

Learn more about this net zero action pathway:

Our New Learning Series

Class is in session and we’re hosting a series of webinars dedicated to supplier engagement. Tackling supplier emissions is an opportunity to create new business value, build stronger relationships with stakeholders and contribute to a more sustainable future. We’ll cover:

Walmart’s top takeaways from Project Gigaton and the next steps for company climate action. Watch now.

⭐ Supplier Cascade: Hear from We Mean Business Coalition, BSR, Suntory Global Spirits on an innovative and practical framework for supply chain decarbonization. Watch now.

⭐ Focus on supplier education and learnings from Guidehouse‘s supplier training program, Supplier LOCT. Watch now.

⭐ Supplier Transformation Framework:  Hear from BSR on a new method that aims to strengthen buyer-supplier relationships for better climate action performance. RSVP today.

⭐ Join Pure Strategies, Inc. and Radio Flyer to learn practical strategies for maximizing supplier engagement and effectively managing supply chains. RSVP today.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about net zero goals and Scope 3 reductions!

Lesson Two: Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Immediate cost savings, stronger supply chains, regulatory compliance…the business case for implementing sustainability into strategies continues to grow rapidly every day. In our new video case study series, hear from Colgate-Palmolive and Dell Technologies on circular solutions 🔁, energy efficiency ⚡, how they scaled their plans 📈 and more: 

🔁 The business case for circularity.
🤝 Collaborating on sustainability can help your company go farther and faster.
📦 Sustainable packaging can reduce costs, reduce weight and increase shipping efficiency.
⚡ The business case for energy and water efficiency.
🌱 Consumers expect more sustainable products.

Check out our new video series and their supplementary solution checklists you can apply to your own company:

That’s all for this month. See you next time!

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