Reduce Value Chain Emissions

Design for Circularity and Waste Reduction

Companies can reduce emissions and promote a more sustainable business model by reducing waste and implementing circularity practices.

Designing for circularity and waste reduction promotes reuse, recycling, and reduction of materials across your value chain. When materials are reused or recycled, this reduces the need for new resources to be extracted and processed, which has the potential to reduce your value chain emissions. Circularity and waste reduction practices can also promote a sustainable business model with lower costs, optimized resource use, and greater efficiency.  

Circularity and waste reduction can also have significant environmental justice implications. While these tools do not guarantee positive environmental justice outcomes, they can reduce your company’s exposure to negative effects on some communities and create an opportunity for your company to think more intentionally about its waste. 

The following action steps provide more details on designing for circularity and waste reduction at your company: