Calculate Emissions and Set Goals

Measure Emissions  

Measuring your company’s emissions can help you report on your environmental impact, identify areas to reduce your carbon footprint, and develop strategies to achieve net zero targets.

Measuring your emissions is the first step towards achieving net zero targets. This process involves quantifying the amount of greenhouse gases your organization produces and where in your operations they are produced. The greenhouse gases (GHG) measured typically include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. By identifying the sources of your company’s emissions and collecting data on the emissions produced, you can set a baseline and identify next steps to reduce your carbon footprint. 

In addition to helping achieve net zero targets, measuring emissions can have other benefits as well. You can reduce costs by identifying areas where you can be more energy efficient. Governments worldwide are increasingly introducing regulations aimed at reducing emissions, so by measuring your emissions you can better comply with these regulations and avoid potential penalties.