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Catalyzing Action on Dairy Methane

The recently announced Dairy Methane Action Alliance is a global initiative to accelerate action and transparency on methane emissions across the dairy sector. Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis and the significant role of the food sector in reducing global emissions of methane, the Dairy Methane Action Alliance has stepped forward to catalyze climate action within the food industry.

By joining this groundbreaking initiative, signatory companies commit to annually account for and publicly disclose methane emissions within their dairy supply chains, and to publish & implement a comprehensive methane action plan by the end of 2024.

Now, we’re calling on all companies in the global dairy supply chain to join this effort to expedite methane reductions and deliver larger impact and scale.

Learn more about the importance of agricultural methane through the following resources on our web hub, and reach out to join the Dairy Methane Action Alliance.